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SEWEC OZON’s core business is the development, manufacture and sale of ozone generatorscomplete ozone systems and system components as well as exhaust air purification systems.
We place great importance on offering comprehensive and professional advice to our customers.
Qualified and careful servicing of ozone systems rounds out our range of services (SEWEC OZON and other manufacturers).

Ozone generation systems

with generation capacities ranging from 2 gO3/hr to >50 kgO3/hr

Ozone UV systems

for advanced oxidation processes (AOP)

Ozone feed system

venturi nozzles and diffusers

Residual ozone destruction

gas flow rate 3 m3/hr to > 20,000 m3/hr (activated carbon, thermal-catalytic, thermal)

Container ozone systems

Pilot plants

Air purification plants

for treatment plant exhaust air

Air purification systems

for NOx removal

Automatic bleed valves

Inline static mixer

Measuring device


SEWEC OZON supplies the ozone market nationally and worldwide for:

Drinking water treatment

Cooling water disinfection

Waste water treatment

Municipal and industrial application

Mineral water

Prozess water

for chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Water treatment

for aquariums and zoos

Air purification and deodorisation

and much more