SEWEC OZON’s core business is the development, manufacture and sale of ozone generatorscomplete ozone systems and system components as well as exhaust air purification systems.
We place great importance on offering comprehensive and professional advice to our customers.
Qualified and careful servicing of ozone systems rounds out our range of services (SEWEC OZON and other manufacturers).

Ozone generation systems

VAC: Negativ pressure operation/vacuum air drying system in build

PSA: Oxygen operation/ PSA Oxygen concentrator in build

OXY: Oxygen operation ext. PSA system or LOX liquid Oxygen

PRESS: Compressed air operation


Generation capacities ranging from 2 gO3/hr to >20 kgO3/hr

Ozone UV systems

for advanced oxidation processes (AOP)

Combines the key technologies O³ + UV

Ozone Injection system

Type: Venturi injectors

  • Pre-assembled on a stainless steel frame
  • Individual set with fitting and gauges

Type: Diffuser

Residual ozone destruction

AKF: activated carbon

THERM: thermal-catalytic

KAT: highly effective catalytic material


gas flow rate 3 m3/hr to > 20,000 m3/hr 

Container ozone systems

8,20,40 foot container`s

  • Insulated, air-conditioned, ventilated
  • Pre-installed ready for connection

Inline static mixer

Material: PVC / Sainless Steel

Test-,Pilot-, Rental Ozone systems


Exhaust air systems

for Deodorisation / NOx removal

Automatic bleed valves

Material: PVC / Sainless Steel

Measurement and control systems

  • Ozone Monitor
  • Gas waring System O³,O²

Maintenance & Service

According DGUV 103-001


  • Compressed air stations
  • PSA oxygen concentrators
  • Chiller
  • UV-Systems
  • ...


SEWEC OZON supplies the ozone market nationally and worldwide for: