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Drinking Water Tratement

Application:   Drinking Water Tratement equipped with K10 PSA Ozonegenerator

Land:               Canada

System:          K10-PSAK 10 gO3/h 


Drinking Water Tratement

Application:    Drinking Water Tratement 


System:           TITAN

Beverage Industrie

Project:          Beverage Industrie

Location:       Egypt / Tanta

System:         G640-PSA2K (320+320 gO3/h)


Swimming Pool Water

Anwendung: Swimming Pool water, Wan Chai 

Land:              Hong Kong 

System:         3x G450-VAC (3x 450 gO3/h)     

Swinmming Pool Water

Project:          Therme Erding  

Location:       Deutschland / Erding

System:         G2592-VAC4K (660 + 750 + 750 + 432 gO3/h)


Swimming Pool Water

Project:          Zoo de Beauval Water Tratement Hippo Pool

Location        France / Saint Aignan 

System:         G1000-VAC (1000gO³/h)    

Swimming Pool Water

Project:          Badewelt Sinsheim 

Location:       Germany/ Sinsheim

System:         G350-VAC2K (200 + 145 gO3/h) & G1500-VAC2K (1200 + 300 gO3/h)   

Container Systems

Application: Waste Water Tratement, Pilot Sytem to removal CSB with Ozone 




Container System

Application:  Sludge drying

Land:              Germany/ Altenstadt

System:         G700-VAC (700 gO3/h)