SEWEC OZON was founded in March 2012 by partners Karl-J. Senn and G√ľnter Werner. The company's expertise is based on their almost 30 years of experience in ozone technology, which includes the development and production of ozone systems, as well as most practical applications of ozone.

Due to its international focus, the name was changed to SEWEC OZON GmbH on 7th August 2012; a logical step to take future requirements in the global growth market of water and air treatment into account. The company currently employs 13 highly motivated, professionally qualified employees, some with many years of experience in the manufacture of ozone generators and the maintenance of complex ozone systems. SEWEC OZON GmbH is based in a commercial centre of the enchanting city of Wehr, located on the foothills of the southern Black Forest near the Swiss and French borders.